The Gospel

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the truth that has truly opened my eyes, it did not feel good hearing it but I responded to it and never looked back! It’s what saved me from a wicked heart I had. God was there even before I knew him. I was so empty inside and tried filling it with things that didn’t satisfy me. From thinking a man will fill it or material stuff that I created an idol of. Are you seeking wholeness in your heart today? Let me give you a simple remedy, Jesus is the only solution to sin.

If you died today, where do you think you’ll spend eternity? Have you ever taken God’s name in vain once? Look at another man or woman with lust in your heart? Stolen? Lied? Hated someone in your heart? If so, then you are considered a blasphemer, a thief, an adulterer at heart (Matthew 5:28), a liar and a Murderer at heart (1 John 3:15). God’s law is perfect and it shows us our hearts and how sinful we are (Romans 3:20). Because he is holy and just sin is serious to God, when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the tree and sin entered the world. Since then sin was embedded in every person’s heart. We were all born into sin. You know when the doctor tells you bad news about your sick condition wouldn’t you want him to give you good news on how to treat the illness or state that you’re in? Well sin is the disease and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the cure. We are guilty before God and can never be made right with God by our own righteousness, which God considers our deeds filthy as rags to him (Isaiah 64:6) nor by keeping the law. God’s law shows us how sinful we are (Romans 4:23).We are doomed for Hell. But God loved us so much that he sent his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross as an ultimate sacrifice for our sins so that we don’t have to receive God’s coming wrath on sin and eternal punishment which is Hell, for the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). We can be reconciled to God because of what Jesus did on the cross 2,000 years ago. He paid our sin debt and now we can be reconciled back to God through Jesus Christ. REPENT and turn away from your sins today. You must be born again (John 3:3). Put your faith and trust alone in Jesus Christ, obey and live for him. He will forgive you, wipe your slate of sin away and grant you eternal life if you believe and trust in him alone. He will give you a new heart with new desires that pleases Him. I pray that you will get whole today in Christ as I did. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

Soli Deo Gloria.