It’s Been Awhile

These were taken about a month ago with a friend, who offered to take some photos of me right after church on Sunday. It’s been awhile since I actually posted on here and hopefully, that will soon change. I’m in a completely new state (Minnesota to be more specific) with a new state of mind.

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Travel: Minimal Packing When You’re Flying With Spirit Airlines

So, last month I experienced my first time packing light when I got to travel to Florida to see my parents. I never packed light before in my life. So, let just say that this was sort of a challenge for me because I often bring my whole life, which includes me always bringing extra pairs of clothes and shoes. I was proud to say that I only brought my small backpack with a few shirts and two pairs of sandals! This time around, I am headed to Atlanta, Georgia for about four days and packing pretty minimal again. If you regularly fly with Spirit Airlines, there is normally no mercy for those who choose to not sign up for their $9 fares and fully aware of the $100 fee to bring a carry on with you on the plane. I am one of them. I refuse. One of the reasons, that I do I like about Spirit is their cheaper airfare. So, I have to sacrifice and settle in bringing one personal bag with me to save money. Here are a couple of things that I do when it comes to packing minimal for a short trip, when flying with Spirit Airlines.

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Lately, I've been obsessing with chokers that immediately brought me back nostalgia when they were first introduced back in the 1990's. If you were raised in the 90's, you would remember these. Some may feel differently, but I really enjoy trends coming back in style because it always seems to bring my mind back to when I first started wearing choker neck pieces. If you ever wanted to know the history of chokers, I believe this article would help you understand and maybe appreciate the trend a whole lot more.

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