3 Reasons Why I’m Deciding To #BeeDebtFreein2018

This year I wanted to tackle more debt to be able to pay off.  Guys, debt sucks…well, credit card debt. Since I have the desire to move later on this year, I have to take some drastic measures to pay it all off faster.  So, you’re probably asking why did I end up calling it #BeeDebtFreein2018 series? It all sparked from this Facebook post below, I posted last week. That’s right, that’s the exact amount that I owe to credit cards alone. I felt that if I am straightforward about my finances then maybe that would encourage others to possibly start paying off their debt.

Here are three main reasons why that I’m choosing to be debt free in 2018:

 It Will Be Glorifying To the Lord

Becoming a better steward of his money that he has blessed me with will help me to think harder as to what I’m spending every month. What am I spending too much on? Is it clothes, food, makeup or anything else more too, is it becoming an idol? Having that perspective on things will help me to do better. Also, with the paying off debt, later on, I can also be able to give more to the local church with finances and help others in need.

I Can Move Into My Own Place

I’ve never been out on my own ever before. Ever since I can remember I’ve always lived with someone else or strictly with family. I believe this would be a step of faith for me to consider moving out on my own. Being 31 and living the single life, I think it would be an exciting experience for me. Also, I’ve grown to love home decor and would love to experience that and see what I can create having my own space!

Increase My Credit Score

WIth bad debt, my credit score hasn’t looked great in a long time. By paying off debt continuously, should help me raise my score. Recently, I paid off my 4th credit card (yay, rejoice with me!) and my credit score was at 662 and was raised by 19 points! I know once I pay off another one, it will get raised even higher. So, we shall see!

There are four major things that I would love to pay off like my hefty car loan, and school loan but those are going to wait since my credit cards are much lower, so that is what I am deciding to tackle on first. It will help motivate me to continue to pay them off, by using Dave Ramsey’s snowball effect. Anyway, I wanted to express my journey on getting debt free so there will be stories on my side hustles, how much I saved money when deciding to purchase things etc.

Are you currently trying to get debt free, if so what are some ways you’re trying to pay off your debt? Feel free to share in the comments!

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