Weekly Round Up: Links to Good Reads, Sales & More

I’ll be posting links to reads that happen to catch my eye during the week and hopefully it will maybe spark some interest for you as well. Whether, it’s pertaining to fashion, beauty, books or clothing sales that I find, it will be in a weekly round-up because sharing is caring, ya’ll!

1.Have you noticed that a lot of church merchandise is getting more popular in the secular arena? I ain’t mad tho. Read more about it on the Fashionista.

2.Check out this really helpful inductive and topic bible study worksheets from Solagratiaco. These worksheets will help you better understand the passage of scripture of what you’re studying, plus you’ll get an instant download of it for only $2.99, so you can print it out and get to studying!

3. Podcast Spotlight of The Week: Summer White and Joy Temby of Sheologians had special guest Steven Bancarz on the show to talk New Age Jesus, who he is, and why he’s not the Jesus of Scripture. You can listen to it here.

4. Fashion Sales: Urban OG is currently having a 35% off all sale that ends tonight! Use the code: 81817.
5.And finally, Did you need fun style tips on how to keep your wardrobe intact as well as your soul? Grab my book here, for your styling needs.


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